Thursday, 11 August 2011

New essentials

Today I had my MOT which meant I had to spend several hours wandering round my local town which is not the most exciting, but made just a little bit better by the fact that it has a Colemans craft shop. I needed to stock up on a few craft 'essentials': new scissors as my current ones are all gluey, new glue as my current ones were cheap and therefore rubbish (don't buy Sainsbury's own brand glue sticks!!), more foam pads as I'd almost run out, mini glue dots instead of cutting big glue dots in half! And some coloured card, although if anyone knows of good places to get a decent stash of assorted coloured card which doesn't cost the earth please please let me know as I need to invest! I also got some blending brushes to try with my watercolour pens and pencils - I'm currently trying out colouring techniques for stamped images and beginning to wonder if I should invest in some promarkers or something similar -all views welcome on what to go for.

Then I got bored of shopping (I was in town for 5 hours!) so I bought myself the latest Papercraft Inspirations  and DoCrafts creativity magazines and had a bit of a peruse :)


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  2. I just wanted to say that I LOVE my ProMarkers and they are in use all the time - How did I manage without them????