Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Fimo fish

I've been playing around with fimo and decided that as we had a couple of hooks in the bathroom currently empty that I would make a fish to hang on one of them. Here's the finished product:

And here's what I started with:

After conditioning some dark blue and putting through my pasta machine on setting 1 (thickest) I cut out a fish shape. I then used a cocktail stick to add detail to the fins and tail and a Christmas tree stamp make up of dots to add the dotty texture. I then added gold mica powder to the body and green mica to the fins and tail.

Once I had the body, I took three pieces of clay (about half a block of both the cream and light blue and just a small about of dark blue. I stuck them together and made a skinner blend by repeatedly folding and running through the pasta machine until I was happy with it. I then used a teardrop cutter to cut out lots of scales and, starting at the tail with the darkest colour, layered them up on top of the base. Finally, I covered the scales in mica powder, starting with a white on the lightest scales, blue on the middle scales and purple on the darkest scales. I added a gem for the eye surrounded by fimo (although this seems to have melted slightly so might glue on afterwards if I was going to do it again). Once cooked, I attached the ribbon and this little guy is now hanging proudly in my bathroom.

I have one other hook with nothing on it and I'm debating what else to make - possibly a seahorse although this seems a bit more complicated!!

Thanks for looking!

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