Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bugle bead bracelet

Last Tuesday I went to my first jewellery-making workshop to learn how to make these lovely bracelets above. They are made using the same kinds of beads, just in a different order. The top one is with the bugle beads (long beads)on the inside and the bottom one they are on the outside. Once I got into the swing of the pattern it wasn't too difficult to follow and I think I could make another one of these in about an hour. I think I will be unpicking these ones though as I made a couple of mistakes like attaching the button wrongly on the bottom one. I'm also not a fan of the colours, even though they go well together. I think they look a bit too art deco for me! I will be a bit more thoughtful over the colours I choose next time! The ones in blues, purples and whites looked lovely so maybe I'll pick those colours instead. I'm off to another workshop in a couple of weeks to learn a different type of beading but I can't remember what :-)

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