Saturday, 18 August 2012

Fimo Workshop

I love Fimo but am always a little stuck for inspiration when it comes to using it so me and a friend, Jennie, decided to book ourselves onto a course at our local craft shop today. It was a fantastic day run by Bonnie McGough who, although seemed scary at first, was actually brilliantly quirky and very entertaining as well as a genius at Fimo.

I wanted to be able to move my modelling on from kiddy, cartoony style creatures and was not disappointed by the things we made.

The basic principles Bonnie showed us was how to make canes and then use them to decorate and create all sorts of other things. Here's some of my creations (sorry about the photos, it was a bit dark):

First we made lizards

Then a tortoise

I tried making a flower cane but that didn't work so I used it to make a frog instead.

I also make these slices of chocolate cake when I got home. The wire is so I can turn them into earrings :)

I was so inspired I am getting Bonnie's book 'The Wonder of Polymer Clay' for my birthday in a couple of weeks time :) I would definitely recommend attending a workshop - she travels up and down the country to different places and she said she always tries to do something different so you can attend more than once which is good. 

It was a great day out and hopefully I'll be able to go to more of her workshops in the future. But first I'll need to buy a pasta machine (essential equipment for Fimo modelling!).


  1. Fabulous fimo Emma.
    Caz x

  2. Wow these are brilliant and I LOVE that frog :D You will have to give me some tips at the craft weekend next year. I hope the sculpey stuff you got last year comes in more use now and you are feeling better.

    Huge hugs