Friday, 19 August 2011

No new cards from me today :(

No crafting from me today, I seem to have been thwarted at every try. First I went with a friend to try and buy some fabric to make bags but they didn't have any nice stuff, then we went to Hobbycraft and were turned away at the door because they're refurbishing and not open until tomorrow! Then I got home to a message that someone wants to view the house tomorrow (we've been up for sale for a year) so I had to pack all my craft stuff away and can't even get it out tomorrow. This means that I will have to spend tomorrow cleaning - bleurgh!!

One thing that has gone right is I got part of my sister's Christmas present delivered. She's very into making pretty fairy cakes and I saw this and thought it was right up her street. It looks so cool!

Hehe! Cakes on sticks! I even bought her the sticks so she has no excuse!


  1. Morning Em, crumbs what a strange day you had yesterday, still at least you got one thing done & that is a great book for your sister. Good luck with your house showing today.
    Sally x

  2. Sounds like a nightmare day.....The cake book looks fabulous not sen anything like those before...Hope the house showing went well...
    Mandy x

  3. thanks Mandy and Sally! I think the showing was ok but they've not sold their house yet so will just have to wait. Hope it makes the 4 hours cleaning worth it!